Alarming Panel

Product Name: Alarming Panel
Code: 04-011-01~04
Group: Ship Safety

Technical Description

Power Supply: 24 VDC
Sensor Type: On/Off Contact
Quantity of Zones: 6 Zone, 12 Zone, 18 Zone and 24 Zone,
Protection: IP 22 Model: FS-91301A, Ip56 Model: FS-91301B
Body: Material: ST37-With Electrostatic Coating
Other Facilities: Local Audio Alarm (Buzzer), Output for Audio/Visual Alarm 24VDC
Application: Vessels, Marine and Offshore application for Use in: Level Alarm Indicator for Fuel, Waste and Water Tanks Set with LIS-68 Series Sensor_ Bilge Alarm System Set with Emergency Push Button _ Bulkhead Monitoring System with Alarm Limit Switch
Design: According to Rules of Maritime Classification Societies and SOLAS Rules

No Code Qty. Of Zones Supply
1 04-011-01 4 Zone 24 VDC
2 04-011-02 8 Zone 24 VDC
3 04-011-03 16 Zone 24 VDC
4 04-011-04 24 Zone 24 VDC

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