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Who We Are?

SYRAF is a designer and manufacturer company who produces light aluminum and steel marine vessels and their equipment. It has a well-equipped ship yard and is the first Iranian manufacturer brand of marine equipment. All of its products and services are under the international standards and certificates.
SYRAF customer field includes various portal, fishing, coast security and transportation service providers, Iranian and foreign shipbuilders, vessel owners, duck owners that need sea lanterns, and also the offshore industry owners.
Relying on its high power of research and development, and by the approach of quality improvement, high speed manufacturing and presenting competitive prices SYRAF acts more than initial needs have been stated by the customers. In this way and to guaranty our quality more than ever, reaching TQM is one of the most essentials of SYRAF. All these parameters cause this brand has a reliable image in customers’ mind.
Beside its pervasive knowledge and experience, SYRAF get its raw material from the best and the most valid providers. The unique approach of this brand cause to its leadership in Iranian marine industry at any circumstances and also shine among international brands in global fields. SYRAF mission is to transfer this approach to the young talented Iranian generation in order to sustainable development and continuing Iranian glorious heritage.

On the foundation of knowledge and experience of SYRAF’s young family and counting on research and development department and flexibility in manufacturing, our aim is to become the leader of the domestic vessel building industry and present Iran as one of the noticeable vessel builders in the world.

Our primary mission is design and produces custom-built and user-focused vessels of excellent quality. Listening Deeply to costumer’s unique needs and attention to their business model, innovation, discipline, punctuality and responsibility are our fundamental keys in this process.

In all projects, a team is set up to clarify the problems and identify the needs of the project based on the demand of the strategy. In this regard, the objectives of the projects, in addition to the core values and vision of the SYRAF mission, are determined by clarifying the actual needs of the customer and the issues of day and future.

Prefer reform and improvement to revolution.
Educate and support of personnel in the workplace.
Proud of being Iranian and try to be the pride of being Iranian.
Respect the thoughts of others but do not pretend to attract a particular group.



20 Years Of Experience

With the initial name of Darya Setizan in 1998 we have come into the field. The most valuable possession we had was our ambition and to develop a national movement and glory was our ultimate Goal. So as Persepolis heirs we could spread that pride and glory beyond Iran boarders.
Because of the lack of proper infrastructures in marine industry in Iran, we had to train our human resources and make them professionals so that we could became a remarkable fmarine brand. Meanwhile the main approach of Ports & Maritime Organization of Iran was due to protecting in mobilizing speed crafts. So, our practice field was a battleground of producing lanterns for the first time in Iran. As mentioned our most effective property (and also our characteristic) was our reflection and desire. At the same time we design, produce and market out lanterns, we started to amplify Research & Development.
After four years we became able to track our customers directly, independent from the Ports & Maritime Organization of Iran guidelines. In this approach we started to face with our customers’ needs. After a long difficult path, and rely on good quality and continuous development we could make a trustworthy relationship between us and our customers, and sit on a reliable summit in marine industry market. Off course the accompaniment of our customers has played a vital role in this way. On the other hand, by various products (e.g. electrical panels, lanterns, warning systems, life vests etc.), we could supply a wide spectrum of their needs.
The next big step was deployment of quality management systems which at that time only a few one in marine industry believed in. By relying on effective management and respecting the customers we could became a successful Iranian brand in such expensive industry.
In 2008, we start to build vessels. This was a remarkable turning point and provide a strong infrastructure to become SYRAF as known today. Still the R & D was our main approach. In parallel by focusing our market studies on shipbuilding processes, providing competitive advantages such as suitable cost, high producing speed and good quality, we could improve Iranian marine industry in manufacturing light and also make a good image in customers’ minds. The advanced installations we have today, are the results of our vision that we never limit ourselves to compete just with Iranian manufacturers, but by a global reflection we have always thought beyond the borders. In 2018 we assigned our first export vessel contract and manufactured it. Today SYRAF products are not limited to vessels, but they include electrical distribution systems, marine electrical boards, lighting systems etc.
Up to now in addition to our reflection and desire, we have owed to many supporters; even with merciful or critical intents. We have gotten the habit to be responsible about our job. Off course we appreciate some valuable governmental policies such as supporting knowledge based companies, and launching fund for innovation and development. And also we must mention the classification institutions and financial institutions that cause our potentials in vessel making become practical.
We believe SYRAF is a part of Iranian identity and a national honor. Our goal is sustainable development. For SYRAF bright future, nobody allowed to sot! We must cross the borders, by a reflection beyond the shores!

Hassan Ebrahimpour Ziaei
CEO Quote

CEO quote

The Syraf as a well-organized company which is the pioneer of shipbuilding and marine equipment in Iran has established in 1998. Relying on continuous improvement and believing in moving forward turned our small company into a well-known brand and give us the mission for keeping the reliability of Iran marine industry. This approach based on our duties regarding the customers makes us responsible for improving the marine industry level, qualitatively and quantitatively.

Relying on the presence in the world-wide market together with the development of Syraf potentials bring us the international reliability beside the improvement of technology and knowledge needed for Iran marine industry.

We believe that the collaboration with well-educated experts and benefiting from more than two decades of successful experiences give us the opportunity to accelerate the rate of development of the company, continually.

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