International Fishery, Aquaculture and Related Industries Fair was held in Milad Tower’s conference hall on 1-3 October. Having introduced its latest knowledge-based advances, FANAVARAN SYRAF displayed its Shahid Tarhchi Backup Services-Fishing vessel. Being used as a tractor for fish farms, Shahid Tarhchi has 14 m length and 6 m width and offers a transport capability of 12 tons. This Fair also provides an opportunity for SYRAF and international activists of fishery industry to have negotiations to establish commercial ties especially in the field of construction of vessels and installations. SYRAF fair stand welcomed Dr. Salehi, the honorable CEO of IRAN FISHERY, and Eng. Shamayeli, the honorable CEO of NASR JAHAD INSTITUTE. The Fair also was attended by various companies from such countries as China, France, Norway, and Southeast Asia.

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