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SYRAF Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment

SYRAF is a designer and manufacturer company who produces light aluminum and steel marine vessels and their equipment. It has a well-equipped ship yard and is the first Iranian manufacturer brand of marine equipment. All of its products and services are under the international standards and certificates.
Relying on its high power of research and development, and by the approach of quality improvement, high speed manufacturing and presenting competitive prices SYRAF acts more than initial needs have been stated by the customers. In this way and to guaranty our quality more than ever, reaching TQM is one of the most essentials of SYRAF. All these parameters cause this brand has a reliable image in customers’ mind.

In addition to our promise lets our customers, partners and people know what we stand for, what we believe in, who we are and how we behave. Our Main important fact is ‘’DO Before Show’’.


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SYRAF as the first and the only Research/Manufacturing brand of Persian marine industry offers services in private Section in the field of vessel building, subsidiaries equipment manufacturing as well as offering professional, operational and training consultancies.


Enjoying professional personnel with effective marine experiences in the organizations like Navy, PMO (Port & Marine Organization) made this department capable of building HSC vessels up to 24 meters LOA.


Installation and running up of produced systems of the company and also other Electrical systems, Navigation and vessels' installations is the main goal in this department.

Since 1999

SYRAF Brand Story

Never sit and wait for the future! This is how SYRAF believes! A Brand who plays a key role in Iranian marine industry and as a national honor, tends to sustainable development and pass through the boarders. This has been our basic approach since our very early beginning in 1998 as Darya-Setizan.
Off course such thought was a delusion at that moment! Because Iran hadn’t appropriate marine infrastructures and also wasn’t even a good consumer! So we even had to train our professionals by ourselves. That was clear that there would be a stormy and foggy voyage! Getting independent from the issues of Parts & Maritime Organization of Iran, facing directly with customers’ needs and also achieving a comprehensive trust were our main challenges. We could pass through all these defiles successfully because we have always had an over qualified compass which is built from our will and approach; and also we have been equipped with our high ability of research and development. After 20 years in 2018 we could reach the position to make international contracts and build our first international vessels.

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